VFD1100C43A-00  110KW 3Phase 380-460VAC AC Motor Drive

VFD1100C43A-00 110KW 3Phase 380-460VAC AC Motor Drive


  • R 115,920.00 (inc. VAT)

VFD1100C43A 110KW 3Phase 380-460VAC 50/60HZ

Dimensions: 590(H)x370(W)x300(D)mm


C2000 Series – High Performance AC Motor drive

C Series Drives utilise FOC (field orientated control) as the core technology to fulfil high starting torque requirements and accurate speed and torque control, they offer PID adjustment, with simple operation interface.

Up to 37kW built-in braking chop and EMI filter

Speed/torque/position control mode

Improved Sensorless Vector control (SVC) and torque control for Crane Applications

Outstanding 4-Quadrant Torque/control/limit

Intelligent PLC function (10k steps, 19points: 10DI/4DO – 3AI/2AO)

Synchronous position control

Modular design for ease of maintenance with many expansion extensions

High-speed communication interface with built-in CANopen and MODBUS communication


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